Essentialist Beauty

An Essentialist Beauty

We believe that when women discover the essentials they need to feel confident, strong, and beautiful, they are freed to share their gifts with the world. Showing up as your authentic self, everyday of your life, is what beauty should be all about. But we’re often told that we need to be more, weigh less, do better, or look different to be valued. These messages are at best distracting and at worst damaging to our collective confidence. They keep us from living freely, lightly, and passionately. We founded this site to serve and empower women – not hold them captive to illusive beauty ideals. We believe that women are at their best when they live from a deep knowing of who they are and what matters to them – just the essentials. That’s why we created the essentialist beauty philosophy to guide how we build our company, promote our products, and connect with our customers. At its heart, essentialist beauty is about creating and embracing solutions that serve our lives, and shedding ourselves of everything else. Essentialist beauty inspires us to choose quality over quantity and meaning over matter. To delight in inspiration, but reject the comparison game. To savour simplicity as a pathway to more meaning and joy in everyday life. This minimalist-inspired approach encourages women to make self-care decisions based on what they love and value – nothing more, nothing less. As they do, we are confident that we will see an expansive community of sisters – leaders, mothers, friends, business-owners, influencers – living purposeful lives and embodying strong, confident beauty.

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