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A Passion for Colour

Colour is a powerful thing that brings every-day objects to life. My favourite thing about colour is its ability to set the mood: the bright yellow sun in a cloudless blue London sky makes me joyful, a red rose from my love reminds me I’m desirable, and so on. Over the years, I have discovered that when I harness the power of colour in my own personal style I can shift my mood, set a tone, and change my world. A juicy maroon tone can express confidence as I walk into an important meeting or a soft coral is a touch of happiness in the midst of a manic day. 

As this original line of 16 bottles came together, it was my goal to provide colours that look as delicious on the nail as they do in the bottle for high impact nails. Your style expresses who you are wherever you go and there’s nothing better than well-manicured hands to complete your look and make a statement. Within our collection you’ll discover the beauty and versatility of each shade to match your own unique style and character.


Mar 25, 2015

Hey Anastasia,I love your work, infact I got indoutrced to quilling through your blog…Thank you for that..I love the Easter Bunny and Egg project…especially the egg, as its done in a unique style…i also like the bunny eyes, they sparkle… -May ART be with you.

Sep 01, 2012

Colors important in all activities and influence the actitudes, decisions and state of mind. Best wishes, Fermina

Fermina Llenza

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