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Courage For The New Year

2013 has begun and there's no better way to banish a holiday hangover and start the new year strong than a bit of confidence and optimism. After all, new year's resolutions are about preparing for a wonderful year by committing to goals you believe in. 

As you dust off your work PC to knock out that much neglected inbox, Unyielding Courage is the perfect nail colour to compliment your ready-to-work look. This beautiful classic tone is a balanced warm maroon: a mildly dark brown with just a burst of red oozing all that is strong and lovely of the feminine spirit. Create a striking power look perfect for the office by wearing it as a warm accent to a slimming grey pencil skirt, a navy blue blazer, or a cream silk blouse. 

Looking to add a little extra va-va-voom to spice up your winter look? Try our stunning apple red, Unforgettable. 

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