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The Essentialist Ritual That Will Transform Your 2017

The Essentialist Ritual That Will Transform Your 2017

We love the idea of a fresh start, don’t you?

But if we’re honest, we cringe a little at the “new year, new you” marketing campaigns that fill our already-overflowing inboxes and busy news feeds this time of year.

Too many goals, too many hacks, too little time right?

This year, we don’t want to do more we want to do less.

If you’re new to the Dielle community, we believe you’re at your best when you live from a deep knowing of who you are and what matters to you—just the essentials.

This is the essence of real beauty

When you prioritise the essentials, everything else falls into place—including your look.

So, here’s our simple, completely unfussy, two-step process for an essentialist 2017.

We hope it helps you revaluate your life and prioritise the things you want to do in the year ahead.

(Obvi, that will include more at-home manicures! ;)


Step 1 | Identify what matters to you

Here’re some simple questions to ask yourself. Write down your answers in a place you’ll revisit frequently.

  • What do you love?
  • What are you good at?
  • What do you spend your time on?
  • What do you think about all the time?
  • What do you spend your money on?
  • What would you like to learn this year?
  • Who are the essential people in your life?


Step 2 | Make time for the things that matter to you

 Now execution is the name of the game. In order to achieve focusing on the things you love, writing down specific dates and times in your diary for the things that matter to you, will allow you to really create the space you need for the essentials. So get your pen and diary to pin down the following:

  • When can you allocate time for the things you love? 
  • When can you take time to learn more & improve on what you are good at?
  • When can you allocate time to spend with the people you love?
  • When can you spend time with yourself to plan and prepare?
  • How can you make time to execute the ideas you've been dreaming about?

 Make sure you revisit your this exercise each month and by December 31 2017 you will be happy to notice how more meaningful your year has been! 

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