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4 Dielle Dupes For Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colours

4 Dielle Dupes For Pantone’s Fall Fashion Colours

Considered the world’s foremost colour authority, Pantone is a go-to resource for anyone involved in design, cosmetics, art or printing.

In addition to declaring a colour of the year, the Pantone Institute also produces colour reports that give consumers a peek into what hues might be trending in clothes, home décor, and even cosmetics for a particular season.

Though we’re not huge into following trends, we do love a shot of colour inspiration and look forward to these reports for ideas on fresh ways to wear or style the hues we love.

We were delighted to see the Fashion Color Report Fall 2016 feature colours that could have been plucked straight out of our Collection.

If you don’t want to commit to buying a new statement coat or bag for this season, why not dip a toe (quite literally) into the season’s freshest colours with Dielle?


Here are Four Dielle Dupes For Pantone’s Top Fall Colours.

If you like “Sharkskin,” try Metallic Dignity

According to Pantone, Sharkskin “showcases practicality through a dependable but contemporary lens.” Translation: a cool, modern charcoal that goes with everything. Our version kicks it up with a shimmery sheen. 


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If you fancy “Spicy Mustard,” try Restored Treasure

Our golden metallic is a brilliant take on Pantone’s zesty yellow, inspired by the autumn harvest. Both colours offer a more vibrant, exotic alternative to this classic that will add a welcome pop of colour to any ensemble.


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If you’re feeling “Potter’s Clay,” try Aged Coral.

Something about this orangey neutral has us reaching for our flare jeans and suede everything. With its rusty undertones, our Aged Coral is the perfect dupe for this summer-autumn transitional colour.


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If you’re curious about “Bodacious,” try Imperial Crown.

The inclusion of this sophisticated pink-purple is exactly why we love this report! Bodacious is an unexpected statement for autumn. Our version is a creamy plum that is perfectly paired with the luxe fabrics (brocades, velvets) and dark florals we’re seeing all over the high street.


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Which one of these colours is your favourite this Autumn? If you enjoyed this post share with a friend you know will enjoy it too and don't forget to leave a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! 

For more colour inspiration, check out the full autumn colour report from Pantone.




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