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Why Journaling is Essential And How You Can Make It Work For You

Why Journaling is Essential And How You Can Make It Work For You

At Dielle we value, encourage and promote practices that will improve your life. In this post we are unpacking the benefits of journaling as we know it could impact your wellbeing. We will also give you some practical tips that will get your journaling skills flowing. 

Dr James W. Pennebaker is one of the worlds leading experts in the field of expressive writing, He is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas ad has conducted extensive research on the topic. Dr Pennebaker's research concluded that journaling can positively affect a person's behaviour and enhance a person's life. His research also demonstrated that journaling was key in helping patients recover from traumatic and emotional events.  In his book Writing to Heal, Dr Pennebaker gives the tools for journaling and provides exercises to help make it a habit.

Here Are Some Research Based And Proven Benefits Of Journaling:

Benefit 01| It improves your memory.

Benefit 02| It decreases depression and improves positive mood.

Benefit 03| It increases social engagement and quality of close relationships. 

Benefit 04| It gives you a better comprehension of concepts.

Benefit 05| It improves your physical health. 

Benefit 06| It makes you aware of your inner world, your thoughts, and helps you see how you progress or identify when you are stuck.

Here Are Some Practical Tips To Help Your Journaling Adventure    

Tip 01| Be as honest and authentic as you can be and in order to do this you have to write like no one else will read your journal entries.

Tip 02| Write by hand for as it helps your memory recall. 

Tip 03| Write in cursive as it will help you get your thoughts out faster but if it feel unnatural at first, start with what works for you.  

Tip 04| Set a time limit, for example 3 pages each time you write, and try to decide how often you will write. Be realistic with your time availability. Pennebaker recommends writing for 15 to 20 minutes everyday and the only rule is to write continuously.   

Tip 05| Forget about spelling and punctuation and grammar, as it will disrupt your flow.

Tip 06| Try to journal in the same place every day, which is proven to conduce to more introspective writing.   

Tip 07| Make sure to write about the things that you are grateful for.  

Tip 08|  Don't try to be profound just write about where you are at and how you feel and know that deep insight very often happens by accident.    

Tip 09| Don't forget to write about your dreams as well as your struggles.

Tip 10| Invest in a journal that you love and you will become your special place to pour your heart. 



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