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Essentialist Beauty Gift Guide

Essentialist Beauty Gift Guide

This holiday season give the women in your life the gift of essentialist beauty with presents that nurture them body, soul and spirit.

Here’s our take on the top 10 gifts for the essentialist beauties in your world.


For Your Mum

Being the glue that holds the family together during the holidays takes a lot out of a woman. Give mum the gift of glow with a luxe facial oil that will nourish her from the outside in and make her feel like the goddess she is.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil, 50ml  | £70


For Your Mum-In-Love

 What to give the woman who birthed your main man? How about a luxurious regenerating oil to show your appreciation! This exquisite oil is full of antioxidants, superfoods and has no nasties, it will surely let her know you truly care.

Sunday Riley Luna Juno Hydroactive Cellular Face Oil |  £70




For Your Sister

This duo will definitely make your sister's holiday season a dream. The fragrance is simply gorgeous and it includes a body cream and body wash which leave the skin smooth and scrumptious.   

 Ren Moroccan Rose Duo | £39


For Your Best Gal Pal

Take your catch-ups to the next level by gifting your bestie a chic, marble-look teacup and saucer set. While the way the hours chatting, sipping and savouring in true style.

 Marble Teacup and Saucer Set | £24




For The Hostess With The Mostest

Nigella, Lorraine and Mary have nothing on this friend! The next time she invites you to one of her legendary dinner parties, don’t come empty handed. Instead, fill her home with the warming scents of this spicy, delicious candle.

Dyptique Candle Epices et Delices 70g | £28


 For Your #Girlboss

She works so hard, keeps the team together, and is the mentor you’ve always longed for. It’s time to show your Girlboss some major appreciation in the form of ready-made R&R. We love this trio of bath essential oils in the cutest packaging ever.

Aromatherapy Associates Star Jewels Set | £34



For The Beauty Nerd

Written by the Guardian’s top beauty columnist, Sali Hughes, Pretty Iconic is like an encyclopaedia of the world’s most influential beauty products, innovations, and icons. Much more than a coffee table book, this is packed with wisdom and historical insight for a true beauty nerd.

Pretty Iconic | £12.49


For The Wellness Guru

Give the gift of hydration with an extra dose of inspiration by way of this glass water bottle with a slip free silicone cover, which comes in different textures and colours. The picture below features the neutral collection, but  you will enjoy choosing from their fun, bright colour selection. Your fit friend will love toting it to work, yoga, spin and wherever else adventure calls.

BKR Glass Water Bottle | £25





For Your Entire Girl Squad

Delight all the girls on your holiday list with our Christmas Crackers. Great as stocking stuffers, party favours or Secret Santa presents, each pack of four crackers comes with four preselected, non-toxic Dielle nail polishes.


Dielle Christmas Crackers | £30 for a pack of four



For Yourself  

After a festive season filled with activity, you need to stay pampered all month long with a cheeky beauty advent calendar. There are loads of lovely ones on the market but we think the best value is M&S’. Filled with some of our favourite brands such as Neal’s Yard Remedies, Nuxe, Emma Hardie and Eyeko, the calendar is only £35 with the purchase of £35 worth of merchandise from beauty, clothing or home goods.

M&S Beauty Advent Calendar | £35 with purchase of equal value


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Why Journaling is Essential And How You Can Make It Work For You

Why Journaling is Essential And How You Can Make It Work For You

At Dielle we value, encourage and promote practices that will improve your life. In this post we are unpacking the benefits of journaling as we know it could impact your wellbeing. We will also give you some practical tips that will get your journaling skills flowing. 

Dr James W. Pennebaker is one of the worlds leading experts in the field of expressive writing, He is a professor of psychology at the University of Texas ad has conducted extensive research on the topic. Dr Pennebaker's research concluded that journaling can positively affect a person's behaviour and enhance a person's life. His research also demonstrated that journaling was key in helping patients recover from traumatic and emotional events.  In his book Writing to Heal, Dr Pennebaker gives the tools for journaling and provides exercises to help make it a habit.

Here Are Some Research Based And Proven Benefits Of Journaling:

Benefit 01| It improves your memory.

Benefit 02| It decreases depression and improves positive mood.

Benefit 03| It increases social engagement and quality of close relationships. 

Benefit 04| It gives you a better comprehension of concepts.

Benefit 05| It improves your physical health. 

Benefit 06| It makes you aware of your inner world, your thoughts, and helps you see how you progress or identify when you are stuck.

Here Are Some Practical Tips To Help Your Journaling Adventure    

Tip 01| Be as honest and authentic as you can be and in order to do this you have to write like no one else will read your journal entries.

Tip 02| Write by hand for as it helps your memory recall. 

Tip 03| Write in cursive as it will help you get your thoughts out faster but if it feel unnatural at first, start with what works for you.  

Tip 04| Set a time limit, for example 3 pages each time you write, and try to decide how often you will write. Be realistic with your time availability. Pennebaker recommends writing for 15 to 20 minutes everyday and the only rule is to write continuously.   

Tip 05| Forget about spelling and punctuation and grammar, as it will disrupt your flow.

Tip 06| Try to journal in the same place every day, which is proven to conduce to more introspective writing.   

Tip 07| Make sure to write about the things that you are grateful for.  

Tip 08|  Don't try to be profound just write about where you are at and how you feel and know that deep insight very often happens by accident.    

Tip 09| Don't forget to write about your dreams as well as your struggles.

Tip 10| Invest in a journal that you love and you will become your special place to pour your heart. 



I must admit I love stationery, pens, notebooks, journals, you name it! But there is something special about Jess Barrett's journals. These beautiful white leather journals are designed in the UK and carefully handmade in India. Crafted with beautiful stitching, a raw leather edge, gold detailing and a snap fastener. There is something distinctive about using a journal that feels luxurious and has more value then your normal notebook. You can get these journals Here, and make sure you read Jess' blog for inspiration for your soul.  

Follow @Jesssbarrett and @defineadream on Instagram for the most exquisite fashion and design inspiration. Also get one of her beautiful journals for only £35. You will thank me later ;-)

Did you enjoyed this post? Tell us your thoughts and experiences in journaling, leave your comments in the box below, we'd love to hear from you. Also, don't forget to share this post with a friend you know will enjoy it too! #sharingiscaring  

Love Always
Ros x

Here's The Pampering Ritual That Has Revolutionised Our Weekends And Will Do The Same to Yours

Here's The Pampering Ritual That Has Revolutionised Our Weekends And Will Do The Same to Yours

At Dielle, we take “me time” very seriously—especially when it comes to our DIY pamper sessions.

Featuring a selection of clean beauty hero products, we’re currently enjoying this simple routine to help us feel cared for, nourished and revitalised from the outside in. So, dim the lights, burn your favourite candle and indulge in this essentialist ritual with us and if you have any tips or tricks for making “me time” even more lovely, leave your thoughts in the comments box below!


Step 1| Cleanse

Our at-home pamper sessions always start with a proper double face cleanse. Why double?

The first cleanser breaks down your makeup, sunscreen and general grime of the day. The second cleanser penetrates pores and cleans your actual skin.

For our first step, we are loving Antipodes Certified Organic Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser. This creamy formula emulsifies our makeup off in no time and leaves our skin feeling fresh and balanced with its blend of citrus essential oils.


For a second cleanse, our pick is the Genesis Cleanser from our friends at Supernatural Beauty. Wow! This wonder product is responsible for turning us on to oil cleansing. Free of parabens, sulphates, silicones, and other nasties, it leaves our skin positively glowing and never stripped dry.

To get the most out of our second cleanse, we spend five to 10 minutes really working it into our skin using Lisa Eldridge’s facial massage technique and remove the product with a damp, warm flannel.


Step 2| Mask

After we’ve cleansed, we like to treat our faces to a treatment mask that targets specific concerns.

There’s a product for every type of skin and condition—purifying, hydrating, brightening, firming, and the list goes on.

The two masks we’re turning to right now are Herbivore’s Blue Tansy Resurfacing Clarity Mask, which is great for blemish prone or texturised skin,

and Pai’s Rosehip BioRegenerate Rapid Radiance Mask to bring back glow and plumpness. Both are made from the highest quality, natural ingredients and round out our facial routine beautifully.


Step 3| Scrub

While our mask is getting to work, we like to turn our attention to our tired feet. Between running after the kids, pounding the pavement and traipsing about town, they need regular TLC.

To nourish them, we like to keep it cheap and cheerful with The Chalkboard Mag’s super simple DIY sugar scrub and Lush’s Pink Peppermint foot lotion that’s infused with arnica and cooling peppermint and spearmint oils.


Step 4| Polish

Last but not least, we finish our pamper routine with polish of course.

Dielle’s 5-free, non-toxic formulas are the perfect centrepiece to any clean beauty mani-pedi.

With bright, metallic and muted tones to choose from, sometimes we keep it simple by using our nail care duo—Petticoat for protecting the nail bed and Lustre for a supreme sheen finish.

Dont forget to leave us your comments below and remember, sharing is caring, so share this post with a friend you think will benefit from it too. x