Day 4| Show up with Compliments

Day 4 of the #SHOWUPIN30 from DielleUK on Vimeo.

We all have positive thoughts about people but the MAGIC happens when we share them with the people they will impact positively.  Today I'm asking you to show up for someone by complimenting them in a genuine way. Some tips about paying a heartwarming compliment: firstly it needs to be authentic you have to really mean what you say. Secondly, i has to be specific. And if you are brave, it's better when you explain why. Give it a go today. You have 48 hours to give us feedback on how it went on DielleUK's Facebook Page! Go!

Day 3 | Show Up For a Friend

Day 3 of the challenge - I would love you to show up for a friend. Don't ask them "Are you OK?" or "Do you need anything?" They will say "I'm fine", "I'm good". Just SHOW UP for someone like only you can.