essentialist beauty

 Showing up as your authentic self, everyday of your life, is what beauty should be all about. But we’re often told that we need to be moreweigh lessdo better, or look different to be valued. These messages are at best distracting and at worst wrecking to our self-confidence.

So, we’re changing the narrative.

The beauty industry should be about serving women—not holding them captive to exclusive and illusive standards. 

We believe you’re at your best when you live from a deep knowing of who you are and what matters to you—just the essentials.

This is essentialist beauty: embracing self-care rituals that serve your life, and leaving the rules, taboos and “shoulds” behind.

Essentialist beauty provokes us to choose quality over quantity. To delight in inspiration, but reject the comparison game. To choose health, and let go of so-called perfection. And to savour simplicity as a pathway to more joy everyday.

So, go for it!

Make self-care decisions based on what you love and value. As you do, we’re confident you’ll be on your way to your most confident, beautiful life.



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